• © Judy Cochand Harrison

Photography Cards

Hello! Welcome to our photography website!

Our greeting cards are 100% Canadian-made by Canadian photographers Judy Harrison Cochand, David R. Beatty, Jennifer Echols, Alicia Campbell and Caley Taylor.

The passion for photography runs in our veins! We all love talking photo jargon and sharing thoughts on our latest photography projects. When the Covid pandemic engulfed us, Caley found time to work on the idea of selling our photographs. We wanted to share the emotions and feelings brought on by looking at our imagery. And what better way to spread happiness and hope during these tough times? Snail mail! Sending friends and family a hand-written greeting card with beautiful photographs really shows you are lovingly thinking about them.

Click the greeting card links below to begin browsing. Enlargements will be available online in the future, but please email Caley if there is a photograph you would love hanging on your wall. Hope you enjoy our work!